What is GhostWriter?

GhostWriter works by starting a lektor project that you have cloned via git. If the project is a fork, you can keep up with upstream by easily rebasing. The project can be started locally and be edited as a CMS. Finally it also makes your website accessible as a Tor onion service, by using either OnionShare or a nginx webserver on a Docker container. The onion setup is completely transparent for the end user, that will be able to access it via Tor Browser

Edit a website with Lektor

With Ghostwriter you can use Lektor to create a website with the simplicy of a CMS.

Version control via git

You can push your changes to your git repository or rebase from an upstream.

When you are finished publish via .onion

When you are finished editing you can publish your website via .onion.

Edit web pages right away

GhostWriter allows website editing without a learning curve. With Lektor it starts a local powerful static content management system for building complex and beautiful websites out of flat files. Using Lektor you can enjoy a fully equipped, flexible and beautiful admin interface so you can edit your pages without having to touch the raw sources. It is cross platform. It runs on Linux, OSX and Windows.

Handle version control via git transparently

You can push your changes to your git repository or rebase from an upstream. Because you are building out 100% static HTML you can deploy them to any host (including S3, GitHub Pages, any web host, etc.). GhostWriter was also built with collaboration in mind. So if you repository has been forked from an upstream project, you can pull changes transparently.

With .onion publishing built in

Because .onion services live on the Tor network, you do not need hosting or a public ip address. This means .onion services are a gateway to a decentralised, peer-to-peer internet, where you regain control on the content you create and who you are sharing it with. The .onion is hosted on your computer for the time you desire, allowing the people visiting your site to remain anonymous, and also you. We believe anonymity to be very important since it can free people, allowing them to decide how to expose themselves or to make themselves visible on their own terms.

Open Source

GhostWriter is Licensed in GPL3 and it's written in Python. It uses Lektor to edit webpages, OnionShare to spawn a .onion or a Docker container running on your machine.


GhostWriter is in alpha at the moment. You might happen to find some bugs. Please report them by opening an issue on GitHub.